R.O.T.H. is one of the Burners' allies in Motorcity. He is a Kanebot, but was re-purposed by Dutch and is now the Burner's trustworthy partner. R.O.T.H. helps Dutch with the Burners' cars among other things, such as painting. He is equipped with prehensile mechanical tendrils, which are much stronger than they look, and he comes in handy all the time.


  • R.O.T.H. easily gets scared, especially when Kane released a number of metal-eating mites into Motorcity.
  • Like all Kanebots, R.O.T.H. is made of synthetic polymers.
  • In Going Dutch, while R.O.T.H. was infected with Kane's "zombie" nanobots, his tendrils expanded and multiplied significantly, and he was extremely threatening combatant. It is not known why R.O.T.H. never participates in fights; it may have something to do with his timid personality.


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